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Jeg kan ikke lave posetiv kunst, når jeg går i gang kommer den mørke side op i mig.

Er Atypisk som menneske og hader normalen.  

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My Everyday life in hell – the end 
   I’m in my insomniac mood again. I can’t sleep. I never sleep. My eyes are open, wide open and behind my bright blue eyes, there is a black soul, a 
black mind that only gets darker. I close my eyes. Tick tick tick. The clock goes. The delirium is under my nails. Uneasy I look myself in the mirror. I 
can only see black marks deeper than the darkest forest. I would give anything in the world to be normal. Being able to wake up with the feeling 
that today is going to be a perfect day. Not my day. I wake and think I wish 
I were a sleep; I can’t wait for the day to finish. All days drift away and become the same. Worthless, sad and unlivable.  

  I’m going to lie down. I’m trying to close my eyes. The restless feeling puts me down. I can’t stand it. I can’t stand myself. My body it shivering, 
moving, shaking. How to relax? How to be happy? They tell me to think positive, but I can’t or I won’t? All the symptoms are coming. Coming hard. 
I am getting ill. Where is the light in the end of the tunnel? I only see darkness and nothingness. Where is my soul? Where is my spirit to help me 
through bad times? I only feel the devil inside of my bones. Does goodness 
   One sleeping pill does it for now. My eyes feels heavy. My body feels the sensation of tiredness. It’s nice and warm for a moment, but the good 
sensation only last for a while. I am awake again and the sensation of unease is back. All the shit comes crawling back. Fuck everything! Being ill 
is a nightmare I can’t escape; now I understand Curt Cobain and why he did 

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